General information

Rhymecraft doesn't yet make enough money to allow me to hire people, but I am interested in being contacted by people now so that if I can get enough revenue, I'll have a list of good candidates ready to go.

Probable positions

  • Programmer - My current thinking is that this is the most-likely position that will be available. I'll probably want programmers familiar with Python, Flask, and Vue.js.
  • Customer support / community outreach - I *may* want help with this, but it's not the main thing I'm thinking I'll want help with.
  • Other - If you have a good idea for how you can help, let me know!

Probable work environment

  • Any offered jobs will probably be remote jobs.
  • I'm guessing we'll use Hubstaff to track time (it takes screenshots of your computer every minute or so).

How to apply

Send your resume to [email protected].